Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Formatted Data Recovery tool will help you to restore data from different types of the external hard drive under all circumstances. For instance, easily retrieve data from external HDD that is accidentally deleted, formatted, not detected, broken or dead. Available for both Windows and Mac users.

An External hard drive is often used as an additional storage area or backup storage device by computer users. People prefer using external hard drive due to several factors like portability, huge storage capacity, high-speed data transfer, etc. The biggest worry for any external hard drive user is its inefficiency to deal with data loss situations, this is applicable to almost all storage drives.

As we know, the major advantage of the external hard drive is its ability to store huge amount of data and which also happens to be a major concern too. A silly mistake or any logical errors with external hard drive can make the whole data stored on the external hard drive inaccessible in no time. Taking a backup of the data stored in an external hard drive to compensate data loss situations is not a feasible solution either. Consider, in case if the external hard drive is formatted or corrupted what follows will be the loss of files and the entire data stored in the drive will no longer be available to a user. And in spite of these, there are many situations pertaining to the loss of data from the external hard drive which is predicted or unpredicted.

The challenge after losing files from an external drive is to find a feasible external hard drive recovery software, as with numerous applications pounding on the internet, it’s hard to do a hand pick. And the risk involved in purchasing an unreliable application is another aspect to it. What we offer our customers is a safe recovery of files from the external hard drive without damaging the source content. Before we move forward grasp some information about the loss of files from the external hard drive.

What are the major concerns of external hard drive users?

The user expects the files saved in the external hard drive to be safe but that’s far from being true. The files preserved in the drive are lost due to many reasons. A silly mistake like using delete key after selecting an important file may create huge trouble for a user. You don’t get the option to restore files from Recycle Bin when you have deleted files from the external hard drive. Formatting, file system corruption, external threats, ejecting the external hard drive while writing files into the drive, disk not formatted error all these factors are responsible for a loss of files from the external drive.

How to overcome a loss of files from an external hard drive?

As soon as you have realized missing files from the external hard drive, stop using the drive to save any files, as this will reduce the chance of recovering files from the external hard drive. Ensure that all your files are recovered properly before using the external hard drive to store any more new files. In order to recover data from the external hard drive, you can avail the services of Formatted Data Recovery tool. This formatted recovery tool is also used to recover data from hard drive on Windows 8, 7 and including latest Windows 10 version.

What makes Formatted Data Recovery tool a feasible solution for loss of files?

  • It has the potential to recover files from the formatted hard drive, external hard drive on Windows and Mac platforms. Read more about hard drive recovery here.
  • The entire external hard drive is scanned using an advanced scanning technique to discover the lost files from the external hard drive.
  • An application is built with an interactive interface, which is self-explainable, expert advice is not needed to perform external hard drive recovery.
  • The recovered files from the external hard drive can be saved in any location as desired by the user.
  • Using this application, a user can easily restore formatted USB drive, hard drive, memory card and other devices without any difficulty.
  • It is an expert in identifying all major file formats such as photos, documents, compressed files, audio and video files.

Simple steps to restore data from the external hard drive:

Step 1: Connect the external hard drive to a computer and then download and install Formatted Data Recovery software to your hard disk. After the software is successfully launched, select “Recover Partition/Drive” option from the main window then select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” from the next screen to recover the external hard drive.

Step 2: In the next step, select the external hard drive as the logical drive and click on “Next” to start the data recovery process. Once the data recovery process is completed, you can view the recovered data from an external hard drive using “Preview” option

For Leopard (10.5) and
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