Recover Formatted Windows 8 Hard Drive

  • Recovers data from formatted, reformatted, and corrupted Windows 8 hard drive
  • Supports various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, HFS, and HFSX
  • Comes in free trial version, so one can evaluate the tool before purchase
  • Designed for Windows and Mac users compatible with the latest Windows 10, and macOS Sierra

Formatted Windows 8 hard drive by mistake!

As you know, if you don’t have back up of the files that are removed then you may find yourself in a trouble some situation. But, this is not as serious as you think there is a way out so that you can recover data from formatted hard drive Windows 8. Here we explain, how to recover files from formatted hard drive on Windows 8 using our prestigious product Reformatted Software? Visit here for more information.

Rating Windows 8: When Windows 8 hit the market, there were lot of speculations related to what really lacks in this operating system. Some people disliked Windows 8 because it doesn’t have a default start menu option and so on. Altogether Windows 8 is considered as a failed mission by Microsoft. However there are still users who actually likes Windows 8 and they keep sticking on to it. This is quite reasonable as there is no major flaw, but of course some features are missing when you compare with other versions of Windows.

Whatsoever, regardless of the operating system choice whether it’s Windows 8 or any other versions data loss is something which we don’t have total control off.

You may lose data from Windows 8 hard drive partition due to various reasons as in case of formatting, accidental deletion, file system corruption, interference of external threats, interruptions while transferring files and so on. Our solution is a complete package to all these data loss situations. However the focus for now is data loss due to formatting a Windows 8 hard drive partition and how to recover data from formatted hard drive Windows 8.

Loss of files due to formatting on Windows 8 hard drive, two different situations

Accidental formatting: You have not intended to actually format the drive which you have just formatted.

Forced formatting: This happens when your hard drive is corrupt; forced formatting or format error occurrence. I.e. Hard drive partition stays inaccessible and whenever you try to access the hard drive, you are getting displayed with an error message that says hard drive partition is not formatted, do you want to format it now.

How to Recover Data from your formatted hard drive?

All the files in the hard drive partition will be removed from the hard drive as we have already discussed. But it doesn't mean all the files are permanently removed from the drive. The files are invisible as the address pointers are being removed due to formatting situations. but you shouldnt lose hope as it is possible to recover files from formatted hard drive partition. Refer this page to know more about it:

But there is one important thing, which you should keep in mind “never use the formatted hard drive partition to store any new files before recovering files from hard drive”. Do you know why? The reason is, it will reduce your chance to recover lost files from hard drive.

What are the functionalities of Reformatted software?

  • Reformatted software is used to recover data from formatted hard drive Windows 8. In similar way, it can also recoverlost files after reformat, corrupted hard drive partition on all major vesrions of Windows operating system.
  • This tool supports data recovery from Window 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and other versions of Windows.
  • Application also has the ability to recover data from USB drive, memory cards, external hard drive and other storage devices on Windows 8.
  • It comes with advanced scanning technology, which deeply scans the entire hard drive partition on Windows 8 and identifies different file types with its unique signatures.
  • It helps to recover photos, audio, video, document, compressed documents and other files from Windows 8 hard drive partition that are lost due to formatting.

Steps to restore data from formatted hard drive on Windows 8:

Step 1: Download and launch this Hard Drive Recovery tool on your Windows 8 PC. As soon as you launch the application, a main screen with 3 different options will be displayed. Among these,  select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option to recover data from formatted HDD on Windows 8. Now, you need to select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option to restore data from formatted hard disk

Recover Reformatted Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the formatted hard disk drive from which data is to be retrieved and click on “Next” to initiate the data recovery process. Once the data recovery process is over, view the data recovered from the formatted HDD partition on Windows 8.

Recover Reformatted Hard Drive - Preview Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
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