Recover SD Card after Format

In a moment of utter madness you have accepted the format option when you put the SD card of your digital camera into your BlackBerry phone!!! You did it just because you assumed that the BlackBerry was preparing itself to view the pictures in the SD card. You have not even dreamt that the card has to be prepared to be used in a new medium because of which it needs to be formatted. And the main frustrating thing is that the formatted SD card has all the pictures of your last trip to New York with your close friends. You have not even backup the pictures. You have got nowhere and you have been wondering whether formatting has destroyed all the data from the SD card or not.

Don’t Worry!!! You are lucky enough to hit the right website. Technically speaking, formatting does not actually destroy files from the SD card. All it does is, just remove the access to the files on the SD card by declaring the SD card memory available to reuse. But all the files on the SD card remains as before until some new files overwrite them. Therefore, it will be wise enough to restore formatted SD card by using SD card recovery tool as soon as possible. Additionally you need to keep the formatted SD card unused unless you retrieve all the pictures from it.

There are some other scenarios where the SD card may be formatted. They are explained below in details so as to give you a brief knowledge:

You have accidentally formatted the SD card: The SD card can be accidentally formatted either inside the digital camera or when it is connected to the computer though card reader. One wrong click on the Format option and you will end up in losing all you valuable data from the SD card.

If you are getting error messages like “Card not formatted, do you want to format it now?” Sometimes, you may encounter above error message when you insert the SD card into the card reader and try to access it. This indicates that the file system of the SD card is logically damaged due to some reason and you need to format it in order to access it. In such scenarios you will have to format the SD card which means you will ultimately lose all your valuable data from it.

If the SD card is severely infected with viruses: The SD card needs to be formatted in case it is severely infected with harmful viruses. Viruses multiply themselves in the SD card resulting in inaccessibility of data stored in it. Sometimes, they are so deadly that they cannot be removed by using Antivirus software. In such cases you will have to format the SD card in order to get back your access. However, you will lose the SD card data, if you do not have proper data backup.

SD card recovery tool is the perfect solution to all of the above problems. It supports data recovery on different memory card types like XD, CF, MMC and many more. This software also supports various popular SD card brands like Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Lexar, Sony etc. Additionally it can restore reformatted hard drive in order to change the file system. Other than hard drive and memory card, USB drives are also widely used for their advantageous features like higher data transfer rate and portability. However, in certain circumstances, data from the USB drive can also be lost due to formatting. Formatting the USB drive in the absence of proper data backup could result in data loss. This software allows you to recover files from formatted flash drive, to know more about this read here.

Other than above possibilities, important data can be lost from the hard drive partitions due to formatting. Formatting a partition instead of any other partition leads to severe data loss. This can happen while converting a disk from dynamic to basic or vice versa. In such cases, this software will help you, to recover formatted partition data, to more about this go through this link You always evaluate the recovery result using the demo version of this software which also allows you to preview the recovered data.

The simple steps which are needed in order to restore data from the formatted SD card are:

Step 1: Connect the SD card to the computer through card reader and then download and install SD card recovery software in its hard disk. After the software is successfully launched, select “Recover Partition/Drive” option from the main window then select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” from the next screen to recover the formatted SD card files

Recover SD Card after Format - Main Window

Step 2: After that, select the connected SD card as the logical drive and click on “Next” to start formatted data recovery process. Once the data recovery process is completed, you are free to view the data recovered from formatted SD card by using “Preview” option

Recover SD Card after Forma - Preview Recovered Files

Take full Backup of SD card before formatting. Use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to remove the card reader from the computer. Use powerful antivirus software to avoid drive corruption.

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