Recover Data from Formatted USB Drive

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You had no idea that you will lose all the data from your USB flash drive when you clicked on “Yes” button in the dialogue box!!! The flash drive was working abnormally when you tried to access its data by connecting to your computer. You got an error message prompting you to format the USB drive as the drive is not formatted properly. You clicked on “Yes” option hoping that it will allow you to access the USB drive data. It happened indeed!!! You could access the USB flash drive after you clicked “Yes” option, but there was no data in it as the USB drive was formatted.

As per the common belief, you must have assumed like the other users that data recovery from the formatted USB drive is impossible. But you must be surprised and happy as well to hear that, there are still chances of recovering data from the formatted USB drive. You can recover complete USB drive data even after formatting it if you do the right thing. The operating system removes all information on the drive making sure that all sectors are reliable, creates internal address tables and marks bad sectors. In other words you can say that formatting process makes the storage medium ready to reuse. However, the data from the storage medium is not actually lost forever after formatting. The data on the formatted storage devices remains as it was unless some new file occupies its space. Therefore you should use a reliable data recovery tool as soon as possible so as to recover formatted USB drive, for more click here.

Before you get to know the features and functionalities of this software more, you should know the actual reason of the format error you had encountered in your USB flash drive. The format errors in the USB drive occurs due to interrupted read / write process. Abrupt removal of USB flash drive from the computer while some files in it are in use or accidental system shut down due to power failure when the USB drive is connected to the computer can cause logical damage to the file system of the USB drive. As a result the file system of the USB flash drive becomes RAW and shows format error.

Some other reasons where you should have formatted the USB flash drive and lost USB drive data are:

To get rid of Virus: You might have formatted the USB flash drive to get rid of virus infection. The USB drive can be infected with malicious objects like virus if you are using the same in different computers. Virus can make the entire USB drive data inaccessible to you. As a result you would have formatted it to get back you access. However, you will lose the entire USB drive data if you do not have proper data backup.

Accidental formatting: You may lose important data from your flash drive due to accidental formatting. Formatting the USB drive unintentionally leads to severe data loss in case you do not have proper data backup. In such scenarios you will have to use formatted data recovery tool to retrieve lost USB drive data.

Other than data loss scenarios, you should equally be aware to prevent overwriting of formatted USB drive data. You should not use the USB flash drive either to save any new files or to install any data recovery software. You can retrieve data from formatted USB drive by connecting it to the hard drive in which the data recovery software is installed.

The formatted data recovery program is capable enough to recover USB flash drive data lost after formatting sue to any of the above scenario. It can even restore hard drive after reformat both on Windows and Mac OS, to know more go Other than hard disks this software supports formatted data recovery from various other storage devices. Unlike USB flash drive SD cards are also equally prone to format error due to improper usage. In such cases you might be losing all you valuable media files like photos, music files or videos from the SD card. In such scenarios formatted data recovery tool enables you to execute formatted SD card recovery successfully. It is best program to recover pictures after reformat with utmost ease.

You may also lose data from partitions / volumes after accidental formatting. Wrong partitions on Windows operating system can be accidentally formatted during multi OS installation or disk conversion process. You can easily retrieve data from formatted partition using this formatted data recovery software. It will allow you to recover data from FAT and NTFS formatted partitions in Windows and HFS formatted volumes on Mac. It empowers you to restore data from formatted Mac disk of latest Mac operating system versions such as Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Mountain Lion, Mac Snow Leopard. You can evaluate the recovery chances by using demo version of this software, to know about this read here.

Now the steps by using which you will be able to restore data from formatted USB drive are:

Step 1: In order to recover data from formatted USB drive, connect the USB drive to your computer then download and install formatted data recovery tool in its hard drive. Once you launch the software, select “Recover Partition/Drive” option from the main screen then select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” from the next screen

Step 2: After that, select formatted USB drive as the logical drive from which the data is to be restored and click on “Next” to initiate the recovery process. Once the data recovery process is over, you can view recovered data using “Preview” option

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users